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Marinas & Boating Daydreams...

Does anyone else like walking through marinas and finding their perfect boat? Not to purchase today but for when you have all the money and time in the world to travel slowly port to port, enjoying the salty sea air, surf and sunshine? Of course you do and opportunities abound in the Bradenton and Sarasota area. Boats are naturally photogenic too. You'd have to be a lousy photographer for a boat pic to come out ugly. Seriously. It doesn't matter the cost or age either. Boats are puuurrrrttty by nature. Plus they're on water which is also very difficult to make look bad. This is Twin Dolphins Marina next to Pier 22 Restaurant in Bradenton. The waterway is the expansive Manatee River crisscrossed by bridges and known for reflective sunsets and firework displays. I also can't think of a time of year or type of weather that would dissuade me from strolling the pier, whipping out my phone camera, and capturing the moment's view. When satisfied, stroll the rest of the pier and end up at Pier 22 for outdoor cocktails or fine indoor dining. Relax. You're on Florida time.

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