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Donuts and Patriotism!

Farmhouse Donuts has three locations in the area so I had to visit & support my local Bradenton Mom & Pop donut shop in old downtown Bradenton. It was very heartwarming to see a big open sign with "God Bless America" and two big American flags proudly hanging out front. I had a morning appointment with my home sellers and wanted to bring them a treat and I'm so glad I did. The decor here is "fabulous farmhouse", the display case makes your mouth water and the Gal behind the counter was super friendly, explaining all the different ways you could dip & decorate your donut. The choices ranged from peanut butter dip to fruity cereal crunchies and everything in between so you might have to make several visits to find your favorite. Don't worry, they have "minies" so you won't have to go overboard to get a taste. These were a big hit with my customers and my family so we will definitely be going back. Plus, they serve breakfast & lunch and I can only imagine how good that is. I strongly believe in supporting local business, especially when they do things so right!

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