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Bealls and How Do Y'all Say It??

Going back thirty years, my sisters and I frequently visited our snowbird parents in Florida and couldn't wait to shop at Bealls Department Store. It took us the first year to stop mangling the pronunciation and get it right. We wrestled with "Bea-alls" said with a southern twang forever but figured out by listening to the locals it was simply "Bells" or "Belzz". There was nothing exotic about it, but we tried.

We did discover the amazing inventory of summer clothes and resort wear and to a New Englander who enjoyed all of three months of summer and then your clothes were out of fashion the following year, this was truly a shopper's paradise. Bathing suits and shorts in December? Bring it on! We even swam in the pool during these off months-- heck we didn't know better. We were used to leg numbing Atlantic Ocean temperatures that topped out at 65F in August!

You have to visit

"a good one" to appreciate the store and the Bealls Outlet is not the same thing, in my opinion. Even my husband and son appreciate the good prices and fashions. The "Salty Life" products are one of their main lines but they carry many different designer lines and the inventory is constantly updated.

The absolute best part that hooks you in and keeps you gong back for more is "Bealls' Bucks. Very simply, they give you $10.00 in free Bealls Bucks for every $50.00 you spend that day. As you can see in the image below, they also give you dates you need to come back to cash them in. However, I've seen many shoppers finagle their way around this one so don't fret.

I can think of no better way to start your visit or vacation than to drop by Bealls and grab the latest warm weather clothing or shoe styles or something from housewares. The designs are Florida inspired and will get you in the Salty mood quickly.

Don't forget to spend those Bealls' Bucks. They're like gold here, even for the locals.

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