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Vacation Condos and Positive Cash Flow

Did you ever wonder how you could buy a beach vacation condo, use it occasionally, and cover all of your expenses? Of course you have. Guess what? It's do-able. I just helped a mother & son from two different states do just that. They flew down for a weekend after our preliminary online work together, made an offer, and we were then under contract and closed within five weeks. It became "rent-able" immediately, as soon as locks were changed and internet installed.

Is it obvious how to do it? Not necessarily. Is it difficult? Only if you try to re-invent the wheel. As with all investments, it takes research, sound planning, enough capital, willingness to be flexible, and a business like approach. There are several factors to consider and when all of these come together they can add up to positive or, at least break-even cash flow. Of course, much depends on how often you want to use the vacation property for personal use and also your willingness to invest in the business of renting out the condo. It needs to be more attractive than the competition and marketed and managed by professionals so the dream can become reality.

In order to help you accomplish this, I've put together a team of professionals to make it all come together for you, seamlessly. Give me a call and let's start the conversation.

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