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Spring(s) Time All Year Round!

Some of my absolute favorite destinations to cool off during the summer reside across the sunshine state of Florida. Home to some of the most incredibly beautiful natural springs on the planet (more than 600!), the crystal clear water provides visitors with visions of natural beauty unlike anything ever seen before.

Ginnie Spring

Ginnie Springs State Park includes multiple springs offering an abundance of beauty and activities such as kayaking, diving, snorkeling and tubing down the Santa Fe River located in High Springs Florida. (For further information visit: Ginnie Springs).


From the top of the springs, no matter the depth, what lies beneath can be seen due to the cleanliness of the transparent water. Some of nature’s most extraordinary organisms ranging from plants to animals inhabit these waters above, within and below the naturally formed caves. Yes, caves! Limestone being a prominent base of Florida’s landscape has been carved and shaped over the years into caves and other structures that can be explored when diving and even snorkeling.

Devil's Den (pictured above), is a cave like formation consisting of stalactites and ancient rock fossils which can be observed above and below the water's surface. (Further information can be found at: Devil's Den Spring).


At a constant 72 degrees year round due to the constant flowing of the groundwater surfaced with limestone, the summer months supply temperatures with more than enough reason to dive in to the "lagoon setting" water. While in the summer, this cool water serves as a refresher on sunny days, in the winter the water is actually warmer than the air temperatures making it a relaxing experience. In my opinion, winter time is the best time to attend the springs due to fewer crowds.

Ichetucknee Spring

Ichetucknee Springs State Park is home to multiple springs. The head spring in the park (pictured above), is the ultimate mermaid lagoon. The trees surrounding the body of water allow the perfect amount of sunlight to shine through casting reflections across the water and near perfect visibility when exploring the caves underneath the surface.


Another spring in this same park (Ichetucknee State Park) is called Blue Hole (pictured below). The first picture is an image from the top of the cave. The second is an image from the bottom of the cave which is approximately a 40 ft. dive. (For further information visit: Ichetucknee Springs- Florida State Parks).

Blue Hole Spring
Blue Hold Spring


In addition to being remarkable spots for swimming, kayaking, tubing, cave diving and much more, the springs also supply 90% of Florida’s drinking water. The springs are an asset in this respect and further contribute to the state’s economy by bringing in millions in revenue every year.

Florida provides exceptional opportunities for adventures and discovery. Whether you live in Florida or are just visiting, my number one recommendation is to plan out a road trip and uncover as many of these natural wonders that you can. Each one will take your breath away more than the last.

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