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Flamingos In Our Backyard

At Sarasota Jungle Gardens you can have your picture taken with the real deal or not, depending on your trust of these colorful creatures. In four years of living in Sarasota we had never ventured over to this little gem of a park. Frankly, if the kids were still young we probably would've had a pass as it's the perfect place to let your kids run, walk, enjoy the outdoors and see some beautiful gardens and native animals as well. They have hands on exhibits, live training shows, petting zoo and even a chance to feed some of the animals, including the flamingos. It was 94 degrees F when we went but the canopy of the trees provided ample shade. There's a snack stand and pretty extensive gift shop. The Parrot exhibit was a surprise. They're up close and very vivid. Don't miss the giant tortoises. They're actually mates so maybe babies are on the horizon. I love the Gardens of Christ with large models encased in glass & wood boxes featuring Christ's life. It's really a beautiful remembrance of Him and when the world seems to forget His sacrifice, a tribute like this is much appreciated. We had a lovely time and I highly recommend taking your kids, young & old, to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

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