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Unpolished Beaches

I have a confession. I don't like crowds and avoid them at every turn. I do love the beach, however, and prefer to enjoy the natural beauty vs throngs of beach-goers blaring music, smoking, kicking up sand, talking loud, talking loud on their cellphones, etc. I'm there to relax, detox in the saltwater, soak up the Vitamin D and to not think for a couple of hours that day.

This picture was taken at S. Venice Beach and the only people you see are those searching for shells or sharks teeth and others that are enjoying the remoteness and wild nature of this beach. It is not polished, raked, dredged, scraped or landscaped. There are no garbage cans, fixed chairs or umbrellas, hotels, gift shops or restaurants. Simply beach & glorious sea green water this time of year. Walking can be challenging depending on the tide as it's not a compacted sand. Still, if you want a natural environment where the ocean meets the skies with palms waving in the wind, this is it.

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