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I Need a Cocktail Tree. Where do I Get One?

I had never even considered a Cocktail Tree existed until I came upon one at my favorite local nursery in Bradenton, Mariposa Nursery. I simply wanted a container lemon or lime tree as we use either daily but this unusual tree presented itself and I had to explore further. The label read that you could have 3-6 different citrus fruits on any tree so I started reading labels to pick my favorites. The combos included Meyer Lemons, Persian limes, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tangelos and Navel Oranges. What a selection. My mouth waters when I think of the refreshing juicy flavors. After consulting with a helpful gardener/grower at the nursery, I opted for the tree that had four of my favorite fruits and also had buds on it so we could be sure to have fruit this winter. Yes, everything still grows in the winter in Florida and that's when Citrus is picked. These trees had been grafted with branches from different citrus varitels. I don't know if it'll work but I'm willing to give it a try.

Realistically speaking, after about three years I should have enough for breakfast, salad dressings, ceviche or key lime pie, and limoncello or a greyhound on most days for about 3 months. Not to mention the fragrant blossoms in the spring. Heavenly!

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