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In 2006, Kay began her real estate career buying investment property in what was an unpredictable time. She credits this venture to learning much about the industry, surviving uncertainty, prospering during adversity, and bringing all the knowledge she gained to helping customers do the same for their real estate goals. Working with buyers and sellers, she excels at collaborating with other agents to deliver the best results for both sides of the real estate experience. Just peruse her testimonials and you’ll find that Kay is known for her warm but professional manner, exceptional level of service and personal attention, and skills in communication and negotiation.

Originally from the Boston area, Kay visited her Gulf Coast “snowbird” parents 35 years ago and told her husband, “Florida feels right”. It was definitely the balmy weather but also her love for all things nautical, growing up swimming and boating in the North Atlantic and later moving to Seattle with her husband where they scuba dived, sailed, ferried across Puget Sound, and threw fish at Pike Place Market. For seventeen years, Kay has enjoyed the epitomal Florida Gulf Coast lifestyle of boating, beach going, biking, walking, golfing, and spring hopping. Yes, Florida’s freshwater springs are a refreshing 72F year-round and provide crystal clear views of spring aquatic life surrounded by Florida’s unique flora and fauna. Plus, Kay finds the plunge both exhilarating and rejuvenating!

Kay has been married to her husband, Doug, for over 27 years and they raised two children and three dogs together. Now adults, Sean and Sara are both recent grads of the University of South Florida and are professionally employed in the Sarasota area.

When she isn’t advocating for her customers or exploring the Gulf of Mexico and coastal mangroves, Kay is passionate about adding to her skill-sets and furthering her education which include a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations, along with professional certifications as a travel agent and bartender. She is often found gardening and creating landscape designs and loves guiding her customers to local nurseries to start planting roots at their new home.

With her multiple years’ experience in real estate and a pure enthusiasm for the Florida lifestyle, let Kay guide you home.

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